Life @ HCL

Culture @ HCL

With our open and entrepreneurial environment, every HCLite is synonymous with passion for performance, high need for achievement and commitment to the job. Our core value of high integrity with a ‘Never-Say-Die’ approach is ingrained and visible in all our people, practices and processes.

A day in the life of an HCLite

A dynamic, fast paced and flexible work environment that nurtures relationships and constantly celebrates our people’s happiness, hobbies, achievements, festivities and more. At HCL, we make everyday work an enjoyable and fun experience.

Empowered Workforce at HCL

We believe that an empowered workforce is an engaged and happy workforce. For this reason, we have set up Empowered People Action Teams (EPATs). The power to make HCL a dream company lies with HCLites.

Aspiring Woman EPAT:

The Aspiring Woman EPAT is an initiative focussed on providing women employees the opportunity to grow &realise their potential at HCL, whether it is training and development or gender-friendly policies and mentoring programs, the members of this EPAT are working to ensure our women get all the support required to reach for the stars.

Great Employer EPAT:

The Great Employer EPAT has been established in 2011 with the objective of making HCL a truly world class employer. Teams set up at each office comprises of young people bubbling with positive energy and going the extra mile to make HCL a great employer through suggesting reforms in people related areas, celebration of big and small wins and festivals and keeping our people engaged through many fun@work activities.

iCare EPAT:

Recognizing the important role of business in society, HCL supports and encourages the active involvement of its people in community volunteer initiatives. The iCare EPAT \works to bring together HClites to give back to the society In the areas of Environment, sharing and teaching activities.

Wellness EPAT:

This team ensures that HCLites are not just happy but also healthy. This EPAT focuses on the all-round health of our people through initiatives like healthcare camps, awareness campaigns, sports teams and contests and an Annual Sports Day.

Equal Opportunities Employer


To develop socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the Indian society by enforcing equal opportunities in employment and taking steps towards increasing employability among those who are disadvantaged by providing training, voluntary coaching and mentoring.

Policy Details:

HCL Infosystems believes that equal opportunity in employment for all sections of society is an important component of its growth and competitiveness. It further believes that inclusive growth is a component of growth and development of the country. Within this framework, HCL Infosystems commits to Affirmative Action for social equity for the disadvantaged sections of the society (particularly Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) in the workplace.

Diversity has a positive impact on business and the company shall take steps to create equal employment opportunities. The company does not and will not practice or support conscious discrimination in any form. HCL Infosystems will not bias employment away from applicants belonging to disadvantaged sections of society if they possess competitive skills and job credentials as required for the role.

The company will make efforts for training of employees from socially & economically disadvantaged sections of society in order to enhance their capabilities and competitive skills.

HCL Affirmative Action initiatives are a part of our Corporate Sustainability model.

Our HR Practices:

Our People Policy Panel has a cross functional representation and is involved in designing, creating, deliberating and finalizing the policies.